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January 2011

IPcalypse: IP collapse or IPcaFUD?

IPv4countdown tweets daily about the near depletion of the IPv4 address space, also known as the IPcalypse., never prone to hyperbole, is calling the event "the end of the Web as we know it."

Is this F.U.D.?

In my full article at, I argue that the countdown to collapse is partly FUD because it leaves the wrong impression. I also argue that IPcalypse is well-intentioned because it's an erstwhile attempt to make folks pay attention to a problem that is not going away and is only worsening. I conclude the article with my perspective on what must be done to accelerate adoption.

Jeremy Brooks

A convocation of Conficker reports

The Conficker worm is still around and still newsworthy. On 24 January, 2011, the Conficker Working Group published its Lessons Learned report (summary, pdf),  a DHS funded effort prepared by the Rendon Group.

Jose Nazario of Arbor Networks has an insightful "insider" blog post on the announcement and report. I won't steal Jose's thunder by summarizing his post, but I will encourage you to read and appreciate the three takeaways he describes.

I'm also flattered and humbled that Jose mentions my 11 May 2011 report in his blog:

"Another after action report came from ICANN, who was instrumental in the response. The report was published in May, 2010, and is largely a timeline of events. The two together are very worthwhile reading if you are involved in the operational security community."

The two reports, along with Jose's blog post, are indeed complementary and worth reading together.