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Are you using lack of firewall support as an excuse to avoid IPv6?

If you are among the organizations who think denial and avoidance is a realistic strategy for putting off IPv6 testing and implementation,  several of the excuses I've heard over the past several months are no doubt familiar to you.

All Too Familiar Excuses

"We can't provide senior management with a compelling business case to demonstrate that IPv6 is more important than other network and security initiatives."

"We can’t get IPv6 access from ISPs."

"No one else is hosting content on IPv6 networks."

"All the surveys we've read claim that firewalls don’t support IPv6."

There are more, to be sure. But commercial firewall vendors take exception to the last excuse in my short list and claim that enough vendors support IPv6  that firewalls are no longer a credible excuse for putting off IPv6.

How many is "enough"? Read my Enterprise Efficiency article, Don't Use Firewalls as an Excuse to Ignore IPv6, to find out who's implemented IPv6 and where to find admin guides, manuals, FAQs or data sheets that describe exactly what they implement.


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