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Friday, 14 October 2011


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Brendan hello,

You raise an important point. FB, Twitter, and other social networks can also track your browser activities from pages that have "like", "+1" and "Tweet" buttons. There are sufficient passive collection techniques to go well beyond presuming one's existence.

Bear in mind that I've tried to lay out a "first" principle, i.e., what you should assume before you even begin to use other techniques to protect your privacy. And I'm not suggesting that this is all you should do, or that private/public sector actors shouldn't be obliged to meet stronger accountability and transparency standards than they do today. Non disclosure is indeed not sufficient. It's the starting point.

Explain LinkedIn/Facebook
Whether you like it or not when you have been pinged by enough other people they can presume your existence. Non disclosure is not sufficient.

There is only ONE true Internet privacy threat. Corporate greed.

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