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APWG Web Vulnerabilities Survey (eCrime 2012 presentation)

I presented a summary of the report, APWG Web Vulnerabilities Survey: Act II, at the eCrime 2012 Conference earlier this week. The first part of the presentation discusses the responses from victims whose sites were compromised and exploited by phishers. The second part discusses mitigation recommendations from the APWG Report, What to do if your web site is attacked by phishers.

You can also download the PDF here.

My favorite blog comment... ever!

I moderate comments at my blog. It's an important practice. Perhaps you are skeptical that moderating comments is worth your while. I'm not. I've reviewed and published only 98 comments to date out of over 1400 submitted. The comments I block include links to fake goods or illegal pharma sites. Some no doubt link to malware drop sites. Typepad's antispam measures filter the bulk of these so the task is not onerous. 

Just as I approached the 100 comment milestone, I received a comment that survived the comment spam filters and exhibited such extraordinary passion and unusual perspective that I feel it merits more attention than all others. The comment was submitted by "Jaffo the Paranoid" on the post, Is Security Awareness Time and Money Wasted: A Different Perspective

"All of this stuff misses the point. It's not about technology. It's about life. Everyone IS lying to you. Every encounter IS fraught with deception. Everything comforting and familiar CAN and WILL be a source of fatal menace at some point. You ARE living in a Stephen King novel in which you are the doomed protagonist. Remember, sports fans, one of the largest remote channel rip-offs ever attempted was the $27 million heist by Nigerians using nothing more complex than courier envelopes. Data curators need to understand, every byte of data they have is the fuse on a doomsday device that a god-crazed terrorist is convinced he must have to arm the bomb that will usher in the prophesied day of tribulation and free sundaes - and that he will stop at nothing to get it."


Cartoon by James Provost

For those of you who are curious, the original comment did not include a link to a goods site that sells hats that provide electromagnetic shielding against radio waves.