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Top 5 #infosec reads: April 14-18, 2014

by Matt Piscitello

 This week's Top InfoSec reads feature WiFi recon drones, new legal ground for bloggers, First Amendment rights with respect to hacktivism, a shameless self-promotion, and more news on Heartbleed.

Darpa Turns Aging Surveillance Drones Into WiFi Hotspots

Retired recon drones have been re-purposed as wireless hubs in remote zones. Dave adds, "what a poster child for encrypting traffic..."

Appeals Court Says Blogs Are Not Only Media, They're An Important Source of News and Commentary

A case in Florida breaks new barriers by defining bloggers as journalists. The ruling says that blogs and bloggers do in fact fall within the reach of media for the purposes of the courtroom. This entitles bloggers to the same protection that journalists are afforded in the eyes of the law.

Hacktivism and First Amendment: Drawing the Line  Between Cyber Protests and Crime

Internet activism and its varied iterations walks a tightrope between Freedom of Speech protection and outright criminal behavior as specificed by the CFAA. This note from the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology asserts that over time, cyber attacks may fall under the protection of the First Amendment.

Use ESET's Security Awareness Vidoes to Make Your Family Safer Online

Shameless self-promotion. My review of ESET's security videos concludes that these provide users with helpful tips and recommendations for surfing the web in safety.

Targeted Attack Uses Heartbleed to Hijack VPN Sessions

Threats from Heartbleed continue as cyber attacks leverage it to gain access to private keys and network sessions. The important thing to keep in mind when reading this kind of news is that we now have knowledge of these attacks compared to two years ago when they were flying under the radar.


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