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An odd opportunity to promote security awareness

Image by Philip

After I dropped off my daughter at college Sunday afternoon, I stopped at the nearby grocery store to buy a sandwich. I took a break before I began my return drive to eat in the grocery's dining area. Don't laugh: Ingles has WiFi.

A man and woman sitting near me finished their lunch and headed back into the store. The woman left her purse on a chair: open, with bills crumpled or falling out of a coin purse, mobile phone, prescription bottles, and more.

I picked up the purse and chased after her, thinking, "this could have a good or bad outcome, depending on whether she remembers the condition and contents in this bag: would she thank me or accuse me of rifling her bag or worse, taking some of the money?"

Did I mention her husband was about a foot taller and larger than me?

I finally caught her attention and said "you left your bag". She looked at me, looked at the purse, made an "Oh..." noise, looked at the purse again, and said, "Thank you, that must have been quite a temptation."

I said, "Honest? My first thought was to remind you to password protect your mobile phone once I'd caught up to you."


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