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I recently had the opportunity to preview a documentary, Pioneers in Skirts, by Ashley and Lea-Ann Berst. The film is a character-driven documentary addressing how women and girls with pioneering ambitions combat bias and sexism in our culture Through candid conversations of women who've encountered that bias, and most importantly, women have overcome bias to succeed when circumstances conspire against them, the movie seeks to encourage cultures worldwide to adopt gender parity.

I watched the documentary in a male dominated ballroom during a recent security conference. It's real. I've raised a daughter to be a dreamer, to believe she can do anything, and I recognized biases I wouldn't have imagined having. This is an important film for every work environment, and perhaps particularly for cyber security, where women confront gender discrimination in the work place, while collaborating, and sadly, at prominent security conferences.  

Please watch the movie trailer to catch a glimpse at https://vimeo.com/178290183.

Ashley and Lea-Ann combine film making and business acumen talents to develop a film that speaks to the issues in their work world, and beyond. If you have been mistreated or discriminated against, please sharing. I'm happy to introduce you to Ashley or Lea-Ann. 

Film making of this kind needs funding. I’m challenging you, especially my colleagues in the cybersecurity world, donate and I will match up to $1000.00 of your contributions made through https://www.gofundme.com/pioneersinskirts.

Learn more about the film and other ways you can get involved. Visit www.pioneersinskirts.com.


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