The Internet Must Go: Raising Net Neutrality Awareness

Net Neutrality is an important principle and issue: for our time, for our future, for our children. The principle is, for some, inherently obvious in the term "net neutrality": your network - or more precisely, the companies that you pay to provide you with access to the Internet - should remain neutral and deliver all content impartially:  to do anything less than this is anticompetitive or infringes on freedom of expression or speech.  Opposition to the net neutrality principle comes from "Big Content", who in many cases conveniently own the cable network or other Internet access or content delivery systems. These corporations want to profit by superimposing the equivalent of pay per view, pay per channel (content) access rather than flat rate Internet service.

A twenty minute movie at theinternetmustgo.com explores and lampoons the Great Net Neutrality Debate. It is enormously entertaining and equally illuminating. Find time to watch this. Find time as well to read Marvin Ammori's outstanding book, On Internet Freedom (my review).


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Much of what is published in the blogosphere and popular press makes Edward Snowden the headline more so than his disclosure of NSA surveillance programs. Snowden is a side story. Your greater concern - and a matter of urgency - is that his actions put Constitutional abuse under scrutiny.

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